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The project was realized with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Széchenyi 2020.

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<Women at Tech>

Career orientation program for girls
A career orientation program called WATCH (Women at Tech) was launched in October 2021 at the Agóra Science Experience Center. The program is supported by Agóra’s strategic partner: NI. The Girls-specific initiative aims to make STEM (Science + Technology + Engineering + Mathematics) more attractive to young people by solving real-life engineering tasks, while allowing participants to experience the benefits and fun of teamwork as well. The free program, which lasts until the end of the 2021/22 school year, was open to girls in the 10th grade who are just about to choose a career. High Schools in Debrecen also support their students and they work in cooperation with Agóra. The selected 64 girls work together in 4 groups, outside school hours, in one-and-a-half-hour sessions, and there will also be theme days and events showcasing science professions as well as successful women’s careers, for which we will welcome anyone interested. Employees of NI, our strategic partner, also join the program as volunteers to tutor and help students discover their strengths, discover the steps to creative problem solving, and get to know the beauty of the engineering career.

We believe that the engineers of the future will make the world a better place
Our goal is to ensure the diversity of the future engineers by enabling groups who have previously thought engineering is not an option for them to choose an engineering career as a possible path. With our program, young people can gain knowledge compatible with the future, and through their innovations and discoveries they will be able to help bring positive changes in the world. At first we focus on the supply of future engineers of Debrecen, trusting that the participating 10th grade high school girls will be happy to choose an engineering career at the end of the program. We hope that this will also contribute to the development and attractiveness of Debrecen and the region.

Code the future with us!
Today, robots are used in almost every area of life, from manufacturing to the entertainment industry, also artificial intelligence is built into our everyday lives. In WATCH sessions girls can get a glimpse of the world of different coding interfaces and they can learn about the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence.
The 3D modeling technique provides an opportunity for the high school students to design truly special things and to use their creativity to carry out their ideas. During the workshops, the girls can learn to use a three-dimensional graphic editing program to create unique objects.
In the spirit of energy saving, safety and comfort, many smart devices already make our lives easier at home. The participants of WATCH can get a taste of the engineering and programming disciplines: they can create a smart plant care kit to help care for flowers, or a truly special mirror that displays current daily tasks or the latest weather forecast meanwhile someone is getting ready for the day.

Our strategic partner in the implementation of the program is NI.