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The project was realized with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Széchenyi 2020.

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Sense with your hands!

It’s not that easy without our eyes.


















How to use?

Take a seat and put your hand through the gap! On the other side you’ll find a simple wooden puzzle that you have to piece together without seeing your hands! You have to solve the puzzle only by feeling it. There is a window in front of you with a coloured picture on one side that can help you. Try what happens when you cover the picture with a pull-out gray plate! It’s not that easy now, is it?!

What happens?

It’s a sensitizing game that shows how difficult it can be to solve such a simple task, when you can’t use one of your most important senses, your eyes. Pulling the gray plate on the slider makes it harder to put the pieces together, because you can’t see what you are doing with your hands on the other side. As long as you can see the shape of the puzzle pieces, you can “scan” them with your eyes and hands being in line with each other. Without looking at the helping window you feel the puzzle shapes only by touch, so it takes your brains much longer to put the “picture” together.


Did you know?

A one-and-a-half-year-old child can solve this puzzle in 40 seconds without any problem. How long will it take you?