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The project was realized with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Széchenyi 2020.

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Interactive games

Magnetic accelerator

Build a magnetic accelerator!

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Circulation of Sound Waves

You can continuously decrease the density of the air under the glass dome with the vacuum pump. What do you think, what is happening?

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Musical lightning

Have you ever seen lightning in a room? And have you heard it?

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Spinning Funnel

You may experience a well-known and very impressive optical illusion. Only your eyes will be deceived!

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Tail of Eeyore

The most known illusions are in connection with the eye-sight; such images and phenomena that delude both the eye and the brain. You will be surprised if you pull aside Eeyore’s tail!

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You will find out how quickly you can speed up on the accelerometer track, and hitting the sponge-covered wall you will learn how much you lost from your speed in a certain time.

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The Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean became notorious due to the vanished aeroplanes and ships. Is this really a supernatural phenomenon as many people think or has it probably a scientific explanation? Join us, let’s shed light to the mystery!

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Leon Foucault (1819 – 1868), French physicist and inventor set up his first pendulum in the Pantheon in Paris in 1851. The construction -a pendulum that is able to oscillate in any toll, vertical plane for hours- serves to present the rotation of the Earth; it demonstrates well the turning of the oscillation plane.

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