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The project was realized with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Széchenyi 2020.

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Scientific recreation

Agora offers exciting adventures and lifelong experience to all age-groups. The time, spent together, can be even more valuable if our little ones can also learn while having carefree entertainment – and parents will surely be captivated by some scientific experiments too…



Interactive games, Agora Club

Science is never boring in Agora: fire with a cannon; unravel the secret of Bermuda Triangle; experience how big effort you need to produce electricity or execute spectacular experiments in our laboratories!



Experiential learning

The centre is a huge, colourful classroom where we turn natural sciences understandable and loveable for the young ones. Agora can offer whole day long programmes for students and teachers, it can be a great place even for class excursions.

Explore Agóra Science Centre!

+ Planetarium


in Agora

+ Evening sky watch

Evening sky watch

through a telescope

Group reservation

We await school classes in our programmes! The science centre waits for its visitors with exciting lectures, scientific shows and spectacular experiments several times a day. Trying the scientific games in our interactive space can also remain unforgettable experience for children. School classes are welcome by prior reservation.

Would you like to reserve your place? Please, contact us!

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  • “I would have never thought that science can make me a child. I had the chance to visit Agora with my nine-year-old son, and honestly, I’m not sure who enjoyed the discovery more in the end.”

    Gabriella Faludi
  • “I am a permanent visitor of Botanic Garden and followed the building works of Agora. I am very happy about this initiative, that children can get acquainted with natural sciences in such a pleasant and beautiful environment.”

    Mrs József Gergely
  • “As a teacher and mother of four children, I am sure that Agora will be a favoured place to go amongst younger and older generations too. It brings science closer to children in an interesting, understandable and also funny way.”

    Ágnes Körősi
  • „Van, amiről a suliban is tanultunk, de ezekkel a játékokkal minden sokkal érdekesebb.”

  • „Nagy élmény volt kipróbálni az Agóra okos játékait. A 4 éves lányom éppen annyira élvezte, mint a 8 éves, és bizony engem is teljesen lekötött. Egyszerre tanít és szórakoztat. A látogatás végén alig lehetett a lurkókat indulásra bírni, olyan jól érezték magukat.”

    Gönczi Zsuzsanna