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The project was realized with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Széchenyi 2020.

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One of the most important missions of Agora is to arouse interest for technical knowledge and natural sciences already in childhood. We give opportunity for student to step out from the traditional school borders and discover the natural phenomena more experientially and adventurously. All members of the family may gain valuable knowledge and unforgettable moments. The spaces of the centre offer miracles to discover to all visitors from childhood to older generations.

Interactive space

Is the mystery of Bermuda Triangle really a supernatural phenomenon or does it have a scientific explanation? Is it possible to roll upwards to a mountain? Can the marching of the clouds be provoked in a closed room?

In Agora Science Centre we may get the responses for several questions. The lower level of the building is a huge playground where we can try exciting scientific games. The Bermuda phenomenon unveils its secret through a glass column, filled with water, and so does the Foucault-pendulum that presents the rotation of the Earth.

We may test how strong and fast we are, how easily our eyes can be deceived, we can try to shoot with the special Lenz-cannon and if we are brave enough, we may cycle two meters high in the air.

Don’t let our sense organs be deceived! A still image cannot move, a harp cannot make our skin velvety, and even if we wanted to, we cannot fly in the air. Or can we?

Let’s get ready for adventure!

It is worth to leave at least 60 minutes for trying the interactive games.

Agóra - interaktív tér

Lectures and spectacular experiments

The science centre awaits its visitors with exciting lectures, scientific shows and spectacular experiments. A class takes about 20-25 minutes. School classes are welcome by prior reservation.

Our programs are available in English on request, please contact us at for further details.


Visitors can examine the sky in our observatory, they may observe the Sun, Moon and the celestial phenomena. You may check the visiting time in the current programmes menu. Up to 10 persons can stay in the observatory at a time, groups change each other.



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