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The project was realized with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Széchenyi 2020.

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Ponder It!

Don’t just sit on the teeter because of fun! A little task of physics: measure your own body weight and calculate your mate’s too.


How to use?

First step on the scale, then both of you sit on the seesaw. Try to push the seesaw until it does not tilt into any direction! If you know your own body mass, then with the help of measurer on the seesaw, you will be able to calculate your mate’s too

What happens?

A seesaw is a two-armed lever in fact. The law of psychics states that the torque equals with the product of the power and the lever. The power is your weight on the seesaw, the lever is your distance from the axis of the seesaw. If you have lighter bodyweight than your friend then you have to sit further from the axis to find your balance; if you are heavier, you have to sit closer to it. The condition of the balance is that the product of your body and your distance from the axis has to be the identical as the same product of your friend. Start calculating!