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The project was realized with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Széchenyi 2020.

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Laser harp

You’ve probably never tried an instrument like this before.














How to use?

Move your hand between the instrument’s sensors and plunk the “invisible” strings of the harp. If you succeed, you will hear various sounds.
Try playing simple melodies!

What happens?

A laser diode illuminates a photoresistor that can change its resistance when exposed to light. If you reach into a laser beam, you break it, so the resistance of that resistor changes, and the device will play a sound.
Sounds heard by the human ear are typically between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, depending on age.

Did you know?

The tool was created as part of the WATCH program,
contributing students:
Elonita Bárczi
Dorottya Jánosi
Réka Szűcs