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The project was realized with the support of European Regional Development Fund and Széchenyi 2020.

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About us

Every day we experience countless wonders of science and nature. We use technical innovations, brought to us by physics, chemistry and other scientific disciplines, day by day. But do we know how these things and the world around us really works? Agora Science Centre explains the wonders of our everyday life in a way how everyone can enjoy and understand.

What does Agora offer?

The centre is a new attraction in the life of the region; it offers exciting adventures and lifelong experience to all age-groups. Play and entertainment are combined with learning in Agora; children and adults may get acquainted with special instruments, scientific curiosities and may be part of unique and spectacular experiments. In the laboratories of the three-storey modern building the visitors can gain insight to the miracles of physics, chemistry, biomedics, hydrobiology, botany and robotics, but also can examine the phenomena of the sky in the observatory.

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Scientific games

Visitors may try more than thirty scientific games and instruments in the interactive space; they can meet Heki, the dog of Professor Öveges, solve the secrets of several illusions, try their reflexes or find their way out in the seemingly endless Mirror-labyrinth.

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Agora Club

We offer interesting lectures, film screenings and other colourful programmes in Agora; one may always learn something new at us. The centre is a huge colourful classroom; we give space for school groups’ special classes and experiments to turn learning into experience. The most curious young ones can unfold their talent in Agora Club.

















Agora is a constantly renewing interactive, cultural and scientific centre where we not only aim to popularize natural sciences but also to establish a creative scientific community, as well as to give chance for innovative national and international companies to present their developments and results.


Agora Science Center’s main goal is to spark interest in science at an early age and to build a strong foundation for higher education. Our job is to utilize the practical side of science with a hands-on approach.
For us, it is vital to team up with like-minded institutions and companies and to establish a synergistic collaboration. We hereby thank the continuous support of our partners, namely the University of Debrecen, University of Debrecen Faculty of Science and Technology, and NI Hungary Kft.
Additional partners:

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